MONDAYS /See you “this” week!



MONDAYS /See you “this” week!

A one-of-a-kind time loop movie where all employees of a tiny office get trapped in a week. 

The director of “Bookmark 14” Ryo Takebayashi teamed up with screenwriter Saeri Natsuo to bring an original feature film to the world.

Yoshikawa, eager to be successful, wants to grow out of the small advertising agency she works at. One Monday morning, two of her coworkers tell her “We are repeating the same week!” Yoshikawa refuses to believe it but soon realizes that the week is, in fact, repeating. It seems like her boss is causing it to happen. So begins the search for the key to making the boss notice the situation. “I want to quit!” “This might be a great opportunity to learn new skills?” “I’m going to do such a great job on this project and get a new job!” The office is filled with sentiments, confusion, and hidden agenda. Will they be able to escape the loop and find a brand-new Monday?

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Film by : Ryo Takebayashi Screenplay by : Saeri Natsuo / Ryo Takebayashi Music by : Takao Ogi Production Designer : Ami Okazaki Comics : Yajimari Editing : Jo Kobayashi / Ryo Takebayashi Story Development : Saeri Natsuo / Ryo Takebayashi / Bunkei Producer : Daisuke Noro / Fumika Fukuda Design : Eiichi Tanigawa / Natsumi Hosaka Publicity Producer : Chiharu Nagai Publicity : Kazuaki Kuribayashi / Ryoichiro Taketomi / Kayane Fujimura / Yasuoki Oshima / Bigi Shimamura / Frog96 / Ishibashi PR : Erica Ohara / Mai Sakamoto / Aruno Higuchi