Hello! Brand New World



Hello! Brand New World

Asagiinyo is a famous Japanese YouTuber that hopes to spend every day filled with joy.

However, as she repeats the process of creating videos to upload on YouTube, she realizes that her days have become tediously routinized.

In order to take a break from all the stress, she plans a trip to Atami, which does nothing more but to exacerbate her life. Her train gets delayed due to heavy fog, her hotel was old, and to make things worse, she trips and breaks an animal figurine that was in her room.

"Well this was a meaningless day…"

The next morning, Asagiinyo spends an interesting day in Atami.

Little does she know that she will literally be trapped in that one day, until she finds what it truly means to lead a happy life.


Directed by Ryo Takebayashi Written by Saeri Natsuo / Ryo Takebayashi Produced by Kazuaki Kuribayashi Executive Producer : Daisuke Noro Content Planning : Asaginyo / Saeri Natsuo / Yuki Kurogi / Keita Togawa 【Cast】 Asaginyo Hisako Matsuyama Chappie Ooiwa Yumeka Shimoyama Ouka Kato Mika Konoda Hiroaki Sogo Yuta Kajihara Bunta Igeta Ayami Morishima Daichi Oniki Ryusei Ichicki Tomomi Shimoishi Makoto Koike 【Staff】 Videographer : Tatsuyuki Kozen Lighting Director : Kei Kubota Production Design : Akiko Saegusa Assistant Director : Ryo Osada Hair and makeup : Haru Kawamoto Edited by : Jo Kobayashi Sound Operator : Shingo Ootaka Sound Design : Ryo Nishikawa VFX : Emu Shiragaki / Masaru Manabe 1 st Assistant to Videographer : Yuta Kudo Casting by Chiho Kato(SKALY LA,INC) Location Coordinator : Manabu Tsuchiya(Izu-Rocation Support) Vehicle : BONDS INC. Production Manager : Fumika Fukuda Production Assistant : Janmaiko Nonomura / Mizuki Horii / Syo Hirokawa Filming in cooperation with Atami City MP Division / Ryugukaku / Daihachi Fujimaru Shokudo / Minami Atami Daiichi Hospital / Lim & Lam stuffed Atami Costume supported by SHOCHIKU Costume / Fuwa Fuwa Inc. Technical cooperation : CRANK / ARC SYSTEM inc. Theme song "have a nice day" Lyrics by Takumi Matsuzaka Composed by Maeshima Soshi / Takumi Matsuzaka Song by Asaginyo Business Producer : Hiroki Ogawa PR : Erica Ohara / Mai Sakamoto Special Thanks to the Extras Supported by Suntory Holdings Limited Produced by 37°C BY CHOCOLATE Inc. / SPOTTED PRODUCTIONS / szkn